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If you have a passion for excellence, a drive to make a difference, and the desire to contribute to the fullest of your abilities, Garland Building Company is the place for you. Resumes and career interest send to [email protected]


Assistant Project Managers (APM) assists in running complex renovation and construction projects. An APM reports to the Project Manager and splits their time between the office and the field. APMs excel in our culture when they bring genuine enthusiasm to collaborate and support a busy team. This position is critical to the success of a project and provides a diversity of experience for the individual.

Under the supervision of the Project Manager a successful APM:

  • assists in the planning, scheduling and controlling of pre-construction, project setup, procurement, construction and closeout
  • assists in the management of the procurement process, submittal process, and various project control logs, as well as Document Control, RFIs and Project Change Orders
  • plays a significant role in the preparation of all project meetings
  • is well-versed in software tools
  • is lead on project closeout and as-built documentation per contract documents


Estimators play a critical role in helping our clients meet their objectives for cost and schedule. They have a comprehensive understanding of projects and are responsible for developing detailed budget estimates, before the project enters the implementation stage.

They are excellent communicators, using various forms of description to inform the team of costs, options and alternatives, positioning choices for decisions to meet financial and logistic constraints.

Our Estimators are responsible for schematic and conceptual estimating; subcontractor solicitations; scoping out subcontractor proposals; competitive bidding; presentations of budgets to architects, engineers and clients; and maintaining subcontractor relations.

Successful Estimators are:

  • highly organized, confident, and able to focus on big picture and details
  • able to visualize even before that vision is captured in the drawings; the sixth sense to identify risk and to ensure that costs are accurately reflected
  • able to understand the fundamentals of construction and the critical role of preconstruction in reaching a target budget; willing to get into the field and work out a problem with our PM and partners


Project Managers run complex renovation and construction projects and are the primary day-to-day contact. A PM reports to the Project Executive and spends time between the field and the office.

A PM’s responsibilities include budgeting, buyout, scheduling, procurement, contract negotiations, client communications, closeout and overall management of the project team.

Successful Project Managers are:

  • confident, collaborative, but accept responsibility for leading and delivering information to the team
  • understands the construction process, business fundamentals, and ask the right questions rather than accept information passively
  • skilled and motivated by working with people
  • excellent communicators and able to explain issues even when the news may not be what a client wants to hear


Superintendents’ leadership on-site consistently delivers complex projects on time, on budget, safely and with a loyal following at project completion. They are persistent, care about high-quality work, and have the technical and interpersonal skills to achieve. They simplify and clarify issues before they become problems. They hold total accountability on-site and always exhibit an attitude of collaboration and control.

Superintendents report to multiple parties- Garland team, architect, engineer, client, and property manager. The majority of their time is spent in the field, supported by a project management team based in the office. Superintendents are responsible for developing, understanding and maintaining the project schedule. They work closely with the PM during project set-up. They maintain a firm grasp on the project strategy and they understand the concept of cost control.

Superintendents advise the team on subcontractor selection and keep the office team apprised of performance. They respect and manage subcontractors for maximum performance. They coordinate and manage subcontractors on-site, and are responsible for all aspects of site safety and harmony.

Successful Superintendents are:

  • immersed in the details and day-to-day flow of the project
  • computer-literate and able to manage the schedules, logs, change orders, purchase orders and constant communications with the team
  • have a “can-do” attitude to problem solving
  • able to prioritize and problem-solve under pressure
  • responsible for developing strong relationships with permitting authorities and city officials
  • ability to plan ahead for building related shutdowns and effectively communicate daily with building engineering and property management staff


Senior Project Managers have all the skills that Project Managers have, but their management experience enables them to lead larger, more complex projects. They can manage larger teams, major accounts and multiple PMs. They know when to give direction and when to dig in and are involved in all facets of the project while communicating with their team, including subcontractors, architects & clients.

Senior Project Managers are mature leaders who motivate their teams by providing a model for client service and quality work.

Successful Senior Project Managers are:

  • expected to function with greater autonomy and ownership
  • responsible for the overall business management of a project
  • capable of resolving conflicts unassisted
  • hold responsibility for developing long term relationships and for managing accounts
  • ensure the company mission and culture is spread to other employees from a mentorship position