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Re-configurations are the New Renovation

We all had big plans for 2020 but it seems Coronavirus had the upper hand. Do not despair, if you had planned renovations, improvements, or expansions, Garland can offer many alternatives to those aspirations, keeping in compliance with the latest safety standards and practices.

We have been assisting several Boston-area clients with reconfigured office and common area layouts that not only promote productivity and efficiencies but also, align with your long-term office space goals with aim to minimize the economic impacts that the new safety guidelines have placed on each workplace. We can facilitate the installation of plexiglass dividers at reception, conference rooms & open office areas as well as updating the flow of your office space with reconfigured desk areas and pathways.

As you begin to contemplate how to reconfigure your office and common area, allow Garland the opportunity to provide you with the modifications you’ll need to allow your staff to safely and confidently create, collaborate and be productive with a vigilance towards safety and wellness. Contact us to see how we can provide a diverse range of options that are highly adaptable in navigating the path forward!